PUNCH Flow Tracking

June 15, 2023

Purpose of PUNCH Flow Tracking Effort

We require flows maps for answering PUNCH science questions.

The PUNCH proposal already prescribed tested, published techniques for generating quantitative solar wind speed maps: speed at 4 altitudes between 5 and 80 Rsun at a 6 hour cadence. This is what has to be delivered by the mission to meet mission requirements.

Image caption: PUNCH is required to produce speed measurements at four altitudes, sampled from 5 to 80 solar radii. The PUNCH flow tracking effort is working to exceed these requirements and produce measurements that will help the scientific community address even more questions.

However, we know that PUNCH is capable of much better measurements. The purpose of the flow mapping workshops is a) to do the best we can (even better than requirement), and b) to find synergies in techniques across Heliophysics.

PUNCH Flow Tracking Team Objectives

Team Members

The PUNCH Flow Tracking effort is hosted by the PUNCH Working Groups, with important contributions from scientists in the research community:

Meetings and Workshops

Upcoming Activities:


Community Efforts

Team members have made test data to track and compare the results of different flow tracking methods. These standardized data sets are available to anyone to download and use. Contact the organizers of the flow tracking challenges to submit the results that you have.

  • CME Flow Tracking Challenge:

  • Solar Wind Flow Tracking Challenge: Link